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Resource Consents

resource consents for New childcare centres, additions and alterations, Renovations & altering conditions of existing ECE centres

Almost every childcare centre in New Zealand requires a resource consent. The problem is that applying for and obtaining these consents can be a very difficult, costly and time consuming process.  There are so many things to consider ranging from noise and traffic effects through to whether the ground is potentially contaminated and therefore a risk to children’s health. That’s why it is important to have the right team around you when you are developing a new ECE centre.

Establish provides a complete resource consent solution for all sizes and types of ECE centres across New Zealand. You get the advantage of a full team of professionals experienced in the ECE development sector working for you to obtain resource consent in the most time and cost-effective way possible.

Our Network Works For You

We have one of the largest networks of experts in the country to work with. In cities across New Zealand, we have architects, landscape architects, civil engineers, acoustic engineers, traffic engineers, contamination experts, service specialists, infrastructure engineers and town planners to guide your resource consent application through Council. This ensures that your resource consent has been fully considered before being lodged to avoid any unnecessary delays. The best part is that we take the complexity out of the consent process by running this team of experts for you. We provide every service you need for your consent and provide you with your dedicated project manager to keep you up to speed through the project.

Our Key Account Keeps It Quick

Establishing a childcare centre in Auckland has previously involved a lot of uncertainty. Each of the Council offices, and even each Planner within these offices, treats childcare resource consents differently. It can often feel like the luck of the draw on how these are handled. Working with Establish removes this uncertainty.

You get the advantage of having your consent lodged under our key account with Auckland Council. This means that your consent gets assessed by the same team of professionals within Council as all of our other consents. We have worked hard to form this relationship with Council and we know exactly what they want to see as we have a dedicated project manager within Council looking after our projects. This means our consents are processed much faster and with more consistency, therefore saving you time and money.

Clear Communication

Managing specialist consultants and project timelines is a difficult proposition for those of us not involved in these types of projects on a daily basis. This is why each one of our Clients is assigned a project manager who will be with you from the start of the consent process through to obtaining your consent. Your project manager is an expert in resource consents and running consultant teams and their job is to ensure that your new centre gets off to the best possible start.

Consent Hearings

The large majority of our projects are processed by Councils on a non-notified basis, meaning that no public submissions or hearings are required. However, on some larger or more complex projects the Council may require public or limited notification of the proposal. In the past, these hearings for childcare centres have become costly and have involved a high level of uncertainty due to inconsistencies with how Councils have processed these consents.

Through the use of our Key Account service with Auckland Council, and the use of our dedicated specialist consultants throughout New Zealand, we have been able to significantly reduce the number of childcare developments being notified.

Should your project need to be notified, we have the top experts in their fields ready to represent your project to provide the highest likelihood of success. Our services include the provision of specialist RMA Lawyers, Planners and related disciplines – all very experienced in their professions and well versed in childcare developments.

Establish are the industry leaders in providing comprehensive development services for the childcare sector, including site finding, due-diligence, resource consenting and complete childcare developments.

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