Building Consents

Will building work comply with ALL legislation?

No matter what size or type of early learning centre, or where in New Zealand it is, our complete consent solutions ensure that your building will comply with both the Building Act and Education Regulations, as well as ensuring delivery on time and on budget.

Whether you’re planning on designing, consenting, constructing or undertaking additions or alterations to an existing centre, get the advantage of a full team of professionals highly experienced in this niche sector.

Project Management

In the past, new centre development projects have been coordinated by either the property owner or their town planner for the resource consent or by an architect for the building consent. In our experience, we have seen this lack of focused and specialised oversight of projects result in missed opportunities, consents being notified and cost overruns.

We work across the entire life cycle from concept and feasibility through to consent and completion, successfully delivering your projects, engaging with stakeholders and obtaining all required regulatory approvals in the process.

Detailed Architectural Drawings

Our architects produce the detailed design drawings required by the council for building consent. Through our collaborative design approach, we ensure that all of our specialists contribute to the detailed design resulting in architectural plans that are both technically sound and cost-effective to build.


Ground conditions vary from site to site and from city to city. Our geotechnical team has expertise across New Zealand, including in earthquake-prone areas. The geotechnical reports that we produce demonstrate that the building can be constructed safely and will be stable long into the future.

Structural Engineering

We oversee structural engineering inputs specific to the nature of the project, ensuring that the scale of detail is consistent with the scale of the project. This means ensuring that buildings aren’t over-designed, saving you from additional construction costs.

Fire Engineering

Our team reviews the plans provided to assess means of escape and fire safety precautions necessary for your early learning centre. We get our fire engineers involved early to ensure that design decisions are made to keep construction costs down whilst ensuring that the design meets all legislative requirements.

Mechanical Engineering

It’s critical to ensure that early learning buildings have well thought out heating and ventilation systems to ensure that the environments are warm, dry and healthy. Our team of mechanical engineers use the latest technology to ensure that the building will be cost-effective to heat and cool and that the mechanical systems will meet modern building code standards.

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