Resource Consents

Solutions to get consent granted faster

Almost every early learning centre in New Zealand requires resource consent. But applying for and obtaining them can be a very complex, costly and time-consuming process. From noise and traffic effects through to neighbours and planning rules, there are so many things to consider.

Our specialist understanding of consenting and in-depth knowledge of the early learning centre development sector helps you avoid missed opportunities, cost overruns, or worst of all – a declined consent.

At Establish, we provide a complete resource consent solution for all sizes and types of early learning centres across New Zealand. You get the advantage of a full team of professionals experienced in the early learning sector working for you to obtain resource consent in the most time and cost-effective way possible.

Project Management

In the past, new centre development projects have been coordinated by either the property owner or their town planner for the resource consent or by an architect for the building consent. In our experience, we have seen this lack of focused and specialised oversight of projects result in missed opportunities, consents being notified and cost overruns.

We work across the entire life cycle from concept and feasibility through to consent and completion, successfully delivering your projects, engaging with stakeholders and obtaining all required regulatory approvals in the process.


Our Planners are experienced in the preparation of Assessment of Environmental Effects to support early learning centres of all shapes and sizes across all of New Zealand. With our experts being based across the country, we use our local knowledge and relationships to ensure that all the rules, policies and intricacies of each council are addressed.

This has meant that over 95% of our projects have been completed without the need for a notified hearing, saving our clients time, money and stress.


The first of our specialists to get underway on a project is the survey team. It’s their responsibility to measure land, properties and boundaries so that our architects and engineers have the most accurate information to work from. We use leading technology and systems to ensure that the survey information is accurate and completed in a timely manner.

Traffic Engineering

Early Learning centres can generate a significant amount of vehicle movements with parents dropping off and picking up. It’s critical to ensure that the parking areas for your new centre are sufficient, efficient and safe.

Our team of traffic engineers have extensive experience in the unique traffic and parking requirements for early learning centres and we use this experience to ensure that your centre is designed not only to meet council requirements, but so that it is convenient and safe for your customers.

Acoustic Engineering

Noise is the single biggest issue when council consider effects on neighbouring properties. Our team of acoustic engineers are best in class when it comes to creative solutions to ensure that child noise doesn’t impact neighbours and that the centre environment is conducive to positive learning and health outcomes.

Through our solutions-based approach, our acoustic engineers are involved very early in the development process, ensuring acoustic design is considered as part of the architectural design – not as an afterthought.


Ground conditions vary from site to site and from city to city. Our geotechnical team has expertise across New Zealand, including in earthquake-prone areas. The geotechnical reports that we produce demonstrate that the building can be constructed safely and will be stable long into the future.

Air Quality

We can undertake a study to determine the local background air quality for proposed early learning sites.


Our contamination experts review historical aerial photos, undertake site visits and take soil samples to determine if the site is safe for an early learning centre. If any contaminants are found, we come up with a remediation plan to ensure that the site can be treated and made safe for children.

Urban Design

In certain parts of the country an urban design report is often needed to support new developments. Our urban designers have significant national experience and work with our architects to ensure that the final design of the early learning centre will be appropriate for the area and will be supported by the council.

Civil Engineering

We deliver a wide range of services within the land development and infrastructure space including earthworks, sediment and erosion control, wastewater, stormwater, flood management/assessments, water supply/ firefighting, roading and vehicle crossing design.

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