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Project Management

Traditionally, new childcare centre development projects have been coordinated by either the owner or their town planner for the resource consent or by an architect for the building consent. The biggest problem that we’ve seen with this approach is that owners don’t have the specialist understanding required for the consenting process, most planners don’t know all the ins and outs relating to childcare specific projects, and architects prefer drafting plans. A lack of focused and specialised oversight of your project from the design phase through to obtaining consent can result in missed opportunities, cost overruns, or worst of all – a declined consent from the Council.

With Establish, this project management is part-and-parcel of our service; from the draft centre design through to obtaining your  resource and building consent. Your dedicated project manager is here to ensure that your centre is designed and consented to meet your needs in a cost-effective and timely manner.

Establish are the industry leaders in providing comprehensive development services for the childcare sector, including site finding, due-diligence, resource consenting and complete childcare developments.

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