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Council Pre-Application Meetings

Council pre-application meetings are designed to give prospective applicants feedback on their proposal prior to plans being finalised and submitted for resource consent. The problem with these meetings can be that the person that you meet with at the Council isn’t the same person who will be considering your resource consent once lodged.

The best part about a pre-application meeting through Establish is that we are key account holders with major Councils across New Zealand and, as such, we have a sound relationship with the people who will be considering your resource consent application. In Auckland we even have a team within the Council who look after all of our projects so you can be assured that the feedback you receive at the pre-application meeting will be carried through the proposal by the same team of professionals. Simply put, we work with the best people in the Council to get maximum benefit for your project.

Establish are the industry leaders in providing comprehensive development services for the childcare sector, including site finding, due-diligence, resource consenting and complete childcare developments.

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