McKenzie Childcare Centre


Top Picks 2012 Ltd


134 McKenzie Road, Mangere


Provides for 87 children

Approval basis

Non-notified / Granted


Project Management Planning



How we did it

McKenzie Childcare Centre is a new purpose-built childcare centre located in Mangere, South Auckland. Making efficient use of the site, eight residential houses were also consented under a combined land use and subdivision application. This development exemplifies the full scope of services provided by Establish with our team collaborating with a mix of disciplines and stakeholders to bring the development to completion.

This centre formed part of a larger development plan consented by our team which included eight homes; four single level and four two level.

We helped our client successfully obtain regulatory approvals through our robust planning services, which included preparation of application documentation to support the resource consent, including: description of the proposal, site and location description, assessment of District Plan provisions including relevant objectives and policies, preparation of assessment of environmental effects, confirmation of mitigation measures.