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New Shoots Children's Centre - Hobsonville


Northbridge Properties for New Shoots


102 Hobsonville Road, Hobsonville


125 children & 17 full time staff members


Non-notified / Approved


Project Management


To be advised



We have a long standing relationship with both Northbridge Properties and the team at New Shoots making this particular collaboration a great one to be involved in. The development proposal which was staged to allow Northbridge Properties flexibility included: the childcare centre located to the rear of the site; a two storey commercial building fronting Hobsonville Road inclusive of a cafe; 66 car parks; and a mix of hard and soft landscaping.

After assessing the resource consent application we submitted to Auckland Council, the development was approved on a non-notified basis as any actual and potential effects on the environment as a result of the proposal were considered to be adequately avoided, remedied or mitigated by the nature and design of the proposal, together with appropriate conditions of consent. In particular, the following points were noted by Auckland Council within their decision: the scale of the activity is such that the proposal will have negligible effects on surrounding centres, and to their viability; the childcare, office and retail service activities can be accommodated on the site without detracting from the character or amenity of the surrounding environment; the built form of the proposal will contribute to the development of a strong built presence to this part of the Hobsonville Road corridor, and will provide for a reasonable degree of activation to the interface with the public realm, subject to conditions of consent requiring the ground floor tenancies to maintain visual permeability to the activities occurring within; the extended timeframe sought to give effect to the proposed development will not generate more than minor adverse effects, having regard to the transitory nature of the surrounding environment; the proposal has incorporated suitable on-site car parking, manoeuvring and access to accommodate anticipated demand; noise generated by the proposed activities will comply with that provided for in this environment, and the proposal has incorporated design features to address potential reverse sensitivity concerns as it relates to establishing a childcare facility within a potentially “noisy” environment; the childcare facility is suitably designed and located in relation to Hobsonville Road to ensure that potential effects of air quality will be less than minor; sufficient infrastructural capacity exists to accommodate the proposed development; effects related to site works will be appropriately managed through conditions of consent, will be temporary in nature and can be reasonably anticipated to occur in this environment; and the proposal will result in positive effects, in terms of being a comprehensive development of the site inclusive of landscaping, resulting in a positive visual relationship with Hobsonville Road, and providing for a mix of employment activities and facilities that will cater for the anticipated working population to develop within this environment.

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