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Kids Cove Children's Centre - Albany


Northbridge Properties for Kids Cove


10 Corinthian Drive
Orchard Park


600 sqm
125 children (aged up to 5 years)


Non-notified / Approved




October 2015



Working closely with Phil Smith through the design and consenting stages our team was able to successfully deliver this outstanding childcare centre.

In regards to the design aspects a central hallway brings natural light in from above to animate the main entry with sunlight and shadows. The central classrooms are fully glazed where they connect onto this hallway, providing them with maximum natural daylighting at the rear and views of the comings and goings in the centre for the children.  The two other classrooms are glazed on three sides and only 7m deep to ensure good daylight penetration from outside.

Staff spaces are arranged along the car park side with linear windows for light and ventilation, concealed partly on the outside by vertical louvres which are coloured differently on each side. This allows the building to take on a different colour depending on which side it’s viewed from.

Conceptually, the solid walls of the building are grouped so as to represent simple ‘timber’ boxes holding up the roof, the glass simply infilling between the boxes. Hence both internally and externally the walls are clad with timber panelling.

Internally, CASA designed all of the fixed and loose furniture to ensure a coherent concept and provide maximum aesthetic and functional impact.  Whilst the loose units look visually appealing, the pieces have much functionality, being both storage furniture and room dividers. Within the taller units are a mini kitchen, a stage, a dress up area, as well as storage. The separate pieces combine to make mini-amphitheatre spaces for the children to come together for story time, but they can all be separated and reconfigured to divide up the room into any number of smaller areas easily as each is on lockable castors. Velcro vinyl cushions also come apart easily and can be made into separate seating, or better – built into castles or dens!

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