The design of your new centre directly impacts on the learning experience of your children and the first impression for new clients. Every inch of space is important in optimising your centre for the specific needs of your children. The problem is that not every architect or designer knows the ins and outs of childcare specific design. In the past we have seen examples of other people’s centres designed for a certain number of children being licensed for much fewer as the licensing regulations were not correctly interpreted by their designer.

Things to consider:

  1. Experience – has the architect or designer had suitable experience in regards to designing childcare centres in New Zealand? Is the architect or designer familiar with the relevant District Plan, the Ministry of Education guidelines, the Building Act and the Education (Early Childhood Services) Regulations 2008?
  2. Communication – can the architect or designer communicate in a clear and concise manner with the project team and with you, the client? Does the architect / designer communicate on a regular basis? Will the plans communicate the required information to Council to avoid unnecessary delays?
  3. Delivery – can the architect or designer deliver plans on time, on budget and most importantly on your vision?

At Establish, we partner you with the best architect or designer for your project. We do this by listening to you about what is important for your new centre, your budget and the overall feel that you want to achieve. Our architects and designers are all proven performers in the industry with multiple successful and, in some cases, award winning centres completed. We work very closely with our design teams to ensure that you get the centre design that meets your needs and that will be consented and licensed for the optimum roll size.

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